Residential Electrician

Modern society relies on electricity for food, communication, comfort, and entertainment, and even one small fault in your home wiring can cause hours of inconvenience. Prevent electrical problems before they occur by contacting an experienced Fort Wayne electrician from Integrity Electric. We provide the area with high-quality service at affordable rates, making it simple for you to keep your Fort Wayne home’s electricity running smoothly. Contact us today at (260) 416-9460 for more information about our services or a free quote.

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Electrical Service and Repairs

Sometimes your home’s wiring just needs a touch up in order to stay healthy. If you have a nonworking outlet or need to replace a circuit breaker panel, our experienced electricians can easily troubleshoot your home electrical system and restore it to working order. We also offer damage restoration services to help you recover from flooding, fire, and other acts of nature.

Home Wiring and Rewiring

Your electrical system shouldn’t weigh heavily on your mind when you’re juggling all the other considerations that come with building or remodeling a home. Our master electricians can help you place outlets, design lighting systems, and more, ensuring you get just what you need. We can also rewire older homes, perform electrical inspections, and fix code violations.


While installing a ceiling fan may seem simple when you’re standing in the store aisle, the reality of installing the wiring and mounting the fan itself is much more difficult. A residential electrician, however, can install your ceiling fan wiring with ease. Integrity Electric can also install hot tubs, generators, entertainment systems, and more. We’ll even illuminate the darker corners of your home by designing a brand-new lighting system.

Fort Wayne’s Go-To Electrician

Attempt an electrical installation without the proper training, and you could end up causing even more damage and paying a great deal to repair your mistake. When you hire an experienced master electrician from Integrity Electric, you know that your installation will be done correctly, the first time.

In order to keep your home up-to-date and running at optimal levels, call Integrity Electric at (260) 416-9460. We treat our clients like friends rather than like customers, and our rates are some of the most affordable in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. We even offer discounts to seniors, veterans, handicapped persons, and those who have a lower income. Contact us today for a free quote on our residential or commercial services.